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Changing pesticide regulation in Canada

“My work was looking at the impact of pesticides on bees. Through its accessibility, it has had a direct impact within my government in Canada, informing and providing evidence around needs for greater pesticide regulation. As a result of this work, changes to regulation have been put in place that will have a positive impact on the sustainability of the bees I study.”

Portrait of Dorothy Susan Chan
Dorothy Susan Chan University of Guelph – Scientific Reports (2021)

Sparking policy and public discussion around the health challenges of some dog breeds

“As somebody who has published over 100 OA articles, I am a convert – it is by far the most effective way for science to change the world that we live in, dissemination is key. OA publication in Canine Medicine and Genetics supported our overall aim of sharing good evidence with the wider world, which includes owners, academics and welfare scientists. What this has enabled us to achieve is gradual and progressive shifting in how people perceive the innate health of dogs.”

Portrait of Dan O’Neill
Dan O’Neill Royal Veterinary College – Canine Medicine and Genetics, BMC (2021)

Our authors’ papers receive extensive global coverage

Scientific Reports

‘The first true millipede—1306 legs long’

More hits than legs:

2,060 news hits, 32 key media mentions.

Altmetric score:


Featured in:

BMC Public Health

‘All coffee types decrease the risk of adverse clinical outcomes in chronic liver disease: a UK Biobank study’


1,090 news hits, 10 key media mentions.

Altmetric score:


Featured in:

Nature Communications

‘Lightning strikes as a major facilitator of prebiotic phosphorus reduction on early Earth’


1,039 news hits, 20 key media mentions.

Altmetric score:


Featured in:

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